Interview with Harsh Agrawal ($8,000/Month)

When did you started your Blog project?
I started blogging in 2008 as a hobby blogging and within 2 months I realized that Blogging is a treasure chest and later in 2009, I left my 6 month old full-time job to become a Professional blogger. After 2 years, I can proudly say that I’m a pro blogger.

What is your motivation?
My passion for Technology and knowledge sharing was the key-point. Later I started reading other successful bloggers blog like Darren, Daniel, Amit Agarwal’s, and realize I can turn my passion into a living. Soon people started commenting and comments played a major role to motivate myself and work better.

When did it start to be successful?
In May-june 2009, when I started making from Affiliate marketing, I realized I hit the jackpot. In one of the month, I made almost 2500$ from single affiliate program and that’s the moment, I inclined myself more into affiliate marketing. But in true sense, I would say my blog become successful when it got featured by many newbie bloggers who learned about WordPress from ShoutMeLoud. My blog primarily focused on people who wish to start blogging but needed a platform to learn about it and how to make money out of it.

How many unique visitors do you receive per day?
I run almost 8 blogs but major once are and Which gets almost 10K PV each. It used to be 15K and 20K respectively, but seems like Google Pet Panda, didn’t liked my blog. It was mostly due to duplicate penalty as many people have blindly copied posts from my blog.

Where are the traffic comes from?
My main traffic source is search engines followed by Facebook, Twitter and referral traffic from other sites. These days, due to my busy schedule I couldn’t comment a lot, else in old days, commenting was one of the top traffic source for me.

How many hours do you work on it daily?
It all depends upon the work I’m doing. Along with Blogging I offer ThesisCustmizationService, so if a project is running we work 14-16 hours a day to finish the work before the deadline. Else if we not taking projects and working on Blogging and internal projects, it’s usually 8-9 hours a day. Though one thing which I have learned over time, when you are into internet marketing and Blogging, more time you spend online you will find more ways to make online.

How much do you earn monthly?
My income is variable as max part is contributed by Affiliate marketing. Some time it goes really high and at times poor aff. sales On an average I make $8000+ every month. It’s mostly Affiliate marketing and other big income source is Direct advertisement and Services. Though I love adsense as it gives me consistent income every month. Apart from above, I use in-text advertisements from Infolinks and 2-3 sponsor posts a month helps me to reach my target every month.

What do you think is your secret to success?
I would not say I’m really a successful guy, I’m just a small guy in this big ocean of Internet marketing. Though the place where I;m right now is mostly because of Hard work, Passion, reading and most important by making good relations with people. I’m quite active on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and I keep interacting with people. Almost 1 hour of my day time goes to replying to people questions related to blogging via Email. This also helps me to create posts based on people problems related to blogging. This way, helps me to create a community around my blog.


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  • Harsh Agrawal

    Hi Robert
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    Nice interview with Harsh Agarwal.I will too become a blogger like him!

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  • Amarendra

    Great achievement in less time. Keep it up Harsh:)

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    hmmmmmmmmm nice work done , you should also take the interviews of amit aggarwal and amit bhawani.

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    Great job done by Harsh Agrawal, I hope you will be a successful man in the comming times… I am also very much inspired by Harsh Agrawal, Amit Agrawal and many other bloggers who have such a passion about blogging… Hope one day I will be popular with my blogging too …

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